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IBM Websphere Portal
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IBM Websphere Portal

WebSphere Portal Version V8.5 is an enterprise portal solution with the complete portal services necessary to deliver a single point of personalized interaction with applications, content, business processes, and people. The unified user experience can help you improve overall productivity and customer satisfaction. WebSphere Portal rationalizes and simplifies IT infrastructure by delivering a complete set of portal platform services:

  • Framework services
  • Integration services
  • Content services
  • Collaboration services

These services can be leveraged by Web Experience Factory to build role-based, portal applications that can help improve the effectiveness of your organization.  And because WebSphere Portal utilizes an SOA, these applications can use existing assets and can be quickly modified to meet changing roles and business conditions.


The IBM Digital Experience family of products based on IBM WebSphere Portal Version 8.5 consists of several offerings including:

IBM WebSphere Portal Server

IBM WebSphere Portal Server is the foundation offering of the WebSphere Portal product family, with enterprise portal capabilities that enable you to quickly consolidate applications and content into role-based applications, complete with search, personalization, and security capabilities.

IBM® WebSphere® Portal Server provides custom-branded, enterprise multi-channel portal capabilities that help you deliver a highly-personalized, social portal experience for your customers. With WebSphere Portal Server, you can give customers a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need. WebSphere Portal Server helps you increase visitor response and reduce web operations costs.

WebSphere Portal Server enterprise portal features include:

  • Core enterprise portal services such as role-based access to applications and content, search, personalization and security features.
  • Context-relevant resources presented through commonly-used web browsers, giving users faster access to resources needed to complete tasks.
  • Advanced social portal usability features that enable drag-and-drop customizations and integration with social and rich-media websites.
  • Scalable platform and architecture that deliver Web 2.0 capabilities on next-generation devices and channels.
  • Integration with other WebSphere Portal family products to help you deliver a highly personalized, social portal experience to your customers.

IBM WebSphere Portal Express

IBM WebSphere Portal Express is the small-to-midsize business edition of WebSphere Portal Server. This website builder software provides an expansive set of portal services for organizations with fewer than 1,000 users. WebSphere Portal Express helps teams work together more efficiently by providing collaboration capabilities, content management, document sharing and instant messaging in a single product designed for easy deployment.  Now you can meet your web portal needs with a single product.

WebSphere Portal Express website builder software includes:

  • Simplified installation and administration - Website development tools include prebuilt, interactive Internet and intranet websites designed for easy deployment and customization to help reduce costs and deployment time.
  • Popular social capabilities including blogs, wikis, tagging and ratings combined with enhanced analytics to offer support for online participation and communities.
  • Support for document libraries that allows individuals and teams to share and save documents within the portal.
  • A unified page presentation service - This website builder software renders components developed with different tools and frameworks, such as portlets, feeds and HTML pages.
  • A highly reliable and scalable platform that is built on open standards to let you add capabilities as your business grows.

IBM Web Content Manager

Web experience management software enables non-technical users to create and manage content.

IBM Web Content Manager creates and manages Web content for internet, intranet, extranet, and portal sites. You can also use IBM Web Content Manager to present Web content to users in a portlet or Web site, including content generated by Personalization.

You can create the design of Web pages separately from the content of Web pages, allowing different users with different skills to work independently. Based on the profile of each content item, Web Content Manager automatically generates the structure of your Web site and links between the pages. You can also use the access control and workflow features of IBM Web Content Manager to control the creation and approval process of Web content.

IBM Web Content Manager web experience management software provides:

  • Rich text editing tools that enable business professionals and content experts to more quickly and easily create and manage rich web content without IT involvement.
  • Rapid site deployment by using your choice of site builder tools and multiple content templates.
  • Extensive personalization support to help you improve online experiences. Now you can build websites that can deliver targeted, dynamic content in multiple languages.
  • Configurable and reusable workflow model to ensure that the content lifecycle follows your business process and approval requirements before going live.
  • Social and mobile tools that help you implement new innovations and enhance user satisfaction.
  • Integration with your existing systems, IBM WebSphere Portal and third-party web content management systems.

IBM Customer Experience Suite

IBM® Customer Experience Suite delivers rich, engaging and personalized web experiences through multiple channels. This customer experience management software integrates social and mobile technologies with content and analytics to help you anticipate customer needs and build brand loyalty. IBM Customer Experience Suite helps you respond to individual expectations, reach more customers and deliver exceptional customer experiences.  IBM Customer Experience Suite helps you:

  • Create. Use customer experience management software tools to help you develop and manage dynamic content and rich media, and deliver them to a variety of channels.
  • Target. Create more targeted campaigns and dynamically adapt content and offers based on user actions and preferences.
  • Socialize. Make it easier for users to interact with your business and share ideas and opinions.
  • Integrate. Communicate throughout multiple channels such as mobile devices, other websites, social sites, kiosks and email. Link to back-office applications, cloud-based services, social sites and more.
  • Optimize. Use customer experience management software analytics to refine the online experience.
  • Maximize sales opportunities, publish offers and improve content throughout all devices.

IBM Employee Experience Suite

IBM® Employee Experience Suite intranet software can help you create a more engaging intranet experience for employees by adding social networking, online collaboration and content management capabilities. This intranet software solution can be used with intranet sites on a variety of platforms and devices to support employees in or out of the office.  IBM Employee Experience Suite features:

  • A personalized, interactive intranet experience that helps companies communicate more effectively with their employees.
  • Online collaboration and social networking capabilities are embedded in your intranet to help employees exchange ideas with colleagues and solve problems faster.
  • Content management and analysis tools are integrated with your intranet to help make it easier to deliver current, relevant information to your employees.
  • A suite of proven intranet software web development tools to enable fast deployment of rich intranet environments.
  • One integrated and security-rich intranet software web delivery environment offering intranet access on multiple platforms.

IBM Digital Experience Manager

IBM® Digital Experience Manager software empowers you to create, manage and deliver engaging omni-channel digital experiences to virtually all audiences.

  • Deliver engaging customer experiences with interactive content, targeted offers and consistent branding across channels (web, mobile web, and hybrid mobile/web applications).
  • Create personalized employee experiences that deliver role-specific content, accelerate access to experts and boost performance.
  • Provide outstanding service to your channel partners with integrated applications and efficient delivery.
  • IBM Digital Experience Manager provides powerful, flexible tools that allow business users to manage and deliver content—and free IT staff to focus on other projects.

Digital Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server & Web Content Manager

IBM® Digital Experience Patterns for WebSphere® Portal Server and Web Content Manager provide preinstalled, preconfigured images of this software and expert deployment patterns for automated provisioning of digital experience solutions. This software solution is designed for private cloud, public or managed cloud on IBM PureApplication® System and PureApplication System on IBM SoftLayer®.

These solutions are optimized to run on top of a hypervisor, including the ones in the PureApplication System for better utilization of hardware. Providing faster response to the demands for digital experience systems, they help to reduce deployment time from months or weeks to minutes.

IBM Digital Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server and Web Content Manager:

  • Dispenses on IBM PureApplication System or IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer for easier deployment and management of digital experience patterns in private cloud, public, and managed cloud environments.
  • Includes WebSphere Portal Server and Web Content Manager patterns and script packages based on best practices, including single-server and multi-server clustered deployments that can further automate setup of simple to complex digital experience deployments.
  • Adds new entitlements for IBM Web Experience Factory, IBM Tivoli® Directory Integrator Identity Edition, and IBM Security Directory Server, for use with Digital Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server and Web Content Manager.
  • Includes entitlements to IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern software, enabling delivery of hybrid multi-channel digital experience solutions operating on IBM Pure Application System.
  • Enables rapid deployment for immediate use and setup of fix packs and solution updates to IBM Digital Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server and Web Content Manager.

IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator

IBM® Mobile Portal Accelerator provides access to enterprise web portals on mobile devices. It integrates with IBM WebSphere® Portal to deliver personalized web content, applications and services to virtually any mobile device. IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator offers comprehensive administration tools to deploy portal capabilities and to customize and manage the mobile web experience.

IBM Mobile Portal Accelerator features:

  • Multichannel delivery that provides fast access to web portals from virtually any mobile device to deliver personalized web content.
  • Standards-based deployment tools that integrate with your computing environment to extend web portal use to mobile users.
  • Configuration tools that refine the interface of mobile web pages and deliver a logical workflow to users.
  • Preconfigured, mobile-enabled portlets that enable deployment on mobile devices.
  • A mobile portal toolkit that creates customized portlets for deployment on mobile devices.