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Workgroup Connections, Inc. (WGC) is a technology company focused on collaboration solutions providing software development, consulting and eLearning/Training services.  Our goal is to provide excellent product and service, ensuring the organization has the tools and knowledge to support the implemented solution going forward.  

Why Workgroup Connections:

  • Highly-Skilled Staff, Providing High-Quality Services
  • 22+ Years Experience
  • Technical Staff with Large Project Management Experience
  • Recognized as a leader in eLearning Technology
  • Utilize a Proven, Development Methodology
  • Long-term, Staff Retention
  • No Outsourcing
  • Expertise in the latest technologies

Our suite of services includes:

  • Software Licensing
  • Enterprise Social Software Deployment & Adoption
  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Administration Services
  • Support Services
  • Strategic Application Development & Deployment
  • eLearning, Training & Curriculum Development