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IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition
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IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition

IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition is an enterprise messaging and application platform that provides great flexibility and choice in deployment.  Designed for simple, seamless integration of email and workflow applications with a broad range of social tools, it helps enhance productivity, improve decision making and accelerate response to rapidly changing marketplace conditions.

IBM Notes and Domino Family of Products

IBM Notes & iNotes Client Software:  

IBM Notes and iNotes clients, whether in the Cloud or on premise, delivers innovations in business collaboration.  It brings together messaging (email), calendar, to-do lists, corporate directories, teamrooms, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging and other applications into a unified, integrated offering. 

Using open standards-based Eclipse technology, the IBM Notes client has been designed to:

  • Allows users to work with people, information, and applications from a single page
  • Provide an open platform for plugging in new capabilities driven by business needs
  • Easy integration with Social Software components, IBM Connections Profiles & Files, RSS Feeds and custom plug-in widgets.
  • Provides integration with IBM Instant Messaging & Meetings with Audio/Video capabilities

IBM Notes Traveler

This No-Cost option extends Notes email, calendar and contacts to a broad array of mobile devices, including Google Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft Windows devices, for “anytime, anywhere,” security-rich access to business information.

Lotus Notes Traveler allows you to:

  • Create, review and view your mail and calendar entries on your mobile device
  • Choose the data you want delivered to your mobile device
  • Use IBM Notes addressing -- in addition to standard Internet addressing -- in your email
  • Receive alerts on upcoming meetings on your calendar

IBM SmartCloud Notes software

Reduce expenses, preserve application investments and simplify IT requirements by moving your Notes environment to the cloud with this software-as-a-service offering that provides access from practically anywhere at just about any time through a web browser or the Notes client.

IBM Domino Designer software

Available at no charge, IBM Domino Designer software is a visual design tool and editor that enables users to quickly build social, web, and mobile business and collaboration applications. With IBM Domino Designer software, in-house and independent software developers can use their existing skills—Java, CSS and others—to design scalable and security-rich collaboration and workflow-driven business applications. And IBM XPages technology allows novice and experienced developers to use their existing skills to quickly develop and extend their Domino applications.

IBM Domino Server Software for the Enterprise

IBM Domino is the Server software for hosting social business applications. It delivers scalable, security-rich applications at a low cost, helping you improve productivity, accelerate operations and enhance decision-making.

IBM Domino provides:


  • Low cost of ownership—minimizing administration needs through automated installations, policies and monitoring helps staff focus on higher value tasks.
  • Minimized infrastructure—reducing costs by using less power, memory, data storage, network bandwidth and servers.
  • Rich application environment—supporting workflow-driven and people-oriented applications that help a wide variety of business operations deliver enhanced results.
  • Security-rich—helping protect your critical business assets. You can control information access, protect information and guarantee document authenticity.
  • High availability—featuring advanced clustering, replication, server fault recovery and automated diagnostic tools.

With more than 10 million applications in use today, Domino software enables the design, delivery and administration of highly reliable, scalable and security-rich applications with lower total cost of ownership.   Available through on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments, Domino software drives enhanced productivity, streamlines business processes and helps improve overall business responsiveness through people-centric, workflow-driven business applications.

Open standards–based XPages technology allows Domino developers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver applications to a variety of clients, including web and mobile. Security-rich features help safeguard business-critical information. And with the IBM Notes Browser Plug-in, Domino software is designed to quickly provide web access to all Notes and Domino applications as a lightweight alternative to customized or rich client access.

Server Capabilities

  • E-mail, calendar and scheduling
  • Integrated administration and systems management tools
  • Database compression which significantly reduces the storage size of Domino databases
  • Lotus Domino 64 bit native support for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 standards encryption for Lotus Notes email
  • IBM Domino clustering for High Availability and Load Balancing
  • IBM Domino 64 bit native support option for Microsoft Windows® Server, Linux and IBM AIX platforms.

IBM Mobile Connect

IBM Mobile Connect software is a distributed, scalable, multipurpose communications platform designed to optimise bandwidth, help reduce costs, and help ensure security. It creates a mobile VPN that encrypts data over vulnerable wireless LAN and wireless WAN connections. It integrates many standard IP and non-IP wireless bearer networks, server hardware, device operating systems, and mobile security protocols.


  • Connects enterprise resources via a wide selection of Internet Protocol (IP) and non-IP network communication protocols and wireless and wired network connectivity options.
  • Enables client-less access, so users can access HTTP-based applications (for example, IBM Lotus iNotes) via browser-based login and authentication.
  • Helps protect sensitive information transmitted over wireless networks.
  • Allows mobile users to maintain session persistence through seamless network roaming.
  • Helps reduce mobile transmission costs and lower connection fees through data optimisation functionality.
  • Provides greater choice by supporting multiple client platforms and devices, including Linux, Symbian, and a variety of Microsoft Windows clients (Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista).
  • Helps boost productivity by synergising with other powerful collaboration products such as IBM Lotus Sametime®, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus Expeditor, and IBM WebSphere Portal software.

IBM Enterprise Integrator for Domino software.

Integrate data from IBM DB2®, Oracle, SAP and other third-party sources to extend the reach of your Domino applications with on-premises, server-based software that supports the easy exchange of external data.