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Healthcare Financial Analytics and Predictive Analytics
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Healthcare Financial Analytics and Predictive Analytics

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Financial analytic solutions enable organizations to collaborate on strategic plans and corporate budgets, perform sophisticated financial analysis and adapt to change quickly with frequent, driver-based rolling forecasts. With mobile capabilities and cloud deployment options, we can provide solutions that enable organizations to engage all users quickly regardless of location or mobility.


We are offering some specific solutions built just for HEALTHCARE:


Revenue Cycle Management
In many cases, financial data for health providers is reviewed and consumed from various spreadsheets and reports.  A Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) application will organize accounts receivable and other patient financial data in a more easily consumable and actionable fashion.  Multiple data sources can be consolidated in on analytic application, providing the ability to drill into data without manual effort.


Easily analyze your Cash, Revenue, AR, and DFNB.  Be able to quickly drill down by Payer, Facility, Department, etc.  Slice and dice the data to quickly find your areas of concern, giving you the ability to act quickly with confidence in your financial analytics.


Hospital Readmissions
Let us help you analyze and better predict your readmissions.  Understand what is leading to readmissions, who is your highest risk of readmission and steps to prevent readmissions.


The Hospital Readmissions application provides organization with ability to benchmark rates against other regional and national health providers


Triple Aim
The Triple Aim application will show a high level view of a health system's performance for three key data points: patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and financial metrics.  The health systems data is used to populate the application.  You receive a consolidated view of the operational and quality metrics, eliminating the need to develop custom reports or spreadsheets.


Reconcile Cash
In many Healthcare Systems, it is a manual process using spreadsheets to reconcile cash deposits.   Systems with many locations and potentially several different HIM/EHR systems find reconciling deposits received to cash postings a full-time job for several people.  Automating this process with an application speeds up results, reduces errors in patient accounting and frees up your staff for other important work.


  • Collect contributions from desktop and mobile devices.
  • Perform multidimensional analysis on large data sets.
  • Deploy on premise or on cloud.
  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Steer business performance more effectively. Forecast and re-forecast with greater confidence
  • Management and Performance Reporting
  • Streamline production of budget books and management reports.
  • Financial Close and Regulatory Reporting
  • For a faster close, automate the financial consolidation process and streamline the production of regulatory reports & financial statements